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About the Apostille Agent Training Company

The Apostille Agent Training Company was founded  in 2010 in the County of Orange of the State of California. Many Notary Publics across the nation find that there is a demand for apostille processing.  However,  they soon discover that there are hardly any formal  training programs or certifications for anyone who desired to enter the exciting and potentially financially rewarding field of being an document authentication agent. Unfortunately, it is  also extremely difficult to find someone already in this business that is willing to share any information or interested parties in the right direction to obtain help.  We decided to research and learn as much about this area of service as possible. Through  our own experience of processing a host of apostille/certification requests for customers in various states and many months of trial and error, joy and frustration,  we developed a "turn key" training system and founded an online school for training apostille agent candidates under the name of the Apostille Agent Training Company. Our system not only provides training materials, it also provides references and tools to assist the Certified Apostille Agent in executing the apostille/certification authentication process.  Graduates from his school are well prepared to serve the public as a liaison to the state, federal and embassy authentication agencies.  Our graduates represent the quality of training received by our school; that is very important to us.”

Now, just about anyone who orders the Certified Apostille Agent  training program can capitalize on the research, knowledge and personal experience we have accumulated in order to learn the system of apostille processing.  Our school has set the Gold Standard for apostille/certification authentication processing/training.  As far as we can determine, the Apostille Training Company is the very first company or school to offer training, certification, mentoring,  marketing support , as well as a means of continuing education .

We feel that the Certified Apostille Agent Business is for anyone who desires to obtain the necessary  training and invest the time and energy that it takes to learn and understand apostille/certification processing. This particular service should prove to be especially attractive to persons who either are or plan to become Notary Publics or Loan Signing Agents.

One very unique element  of the Certified Apostille Agent Training Program is its six-month mentoring feature. Graduate Certified Apostille Agents have at their disposal six months of personal mentoring via overnight e-mail response. Graduates of The Certified Apostille Agent program will also receive, at no additional cost, all upgrades to the curriculum and free advertising for one full year on his web site. All efforts are made to make this a completely "turn key" business program. The school constantly seeks to up grade training materials to help ensure that his students and graduates have the most currently available information and materials.
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