Our Certified Apostille Agent's Code of Conduct


The list below contains contact information of most recent graduates and other renewed graduates who have successfully completed the training, passed the tests and have met all of the requirements the Apostille Agent Training Company and have therefore received the title and certification of "Certified Apostille Agent" as defined by the Apostille Agent Training Company. All of our Certified Apostille Agent graduates have been trained to correctly and promptly process your apostille/certification authentication requests. Each Certified Apostille Agent is an independent agent that is qualified and knowledgeable in the specialized area of State, Federal Certifications/Apostille authentications and embassy legalizations. Many of these agents provide pick-up and delivery as well as mail-in options for your convenience. Each Certified Agent is bound by the Certified Apostille Agent's Code of Conduct printed below and may be easily identified by our “Certified Apostille Agent Seal” which is placed on this page just left of the Agent’s Code of Conduct. To state it briefly, this is a list of trained professionals. The status of any listed Certified Apostille Agent may be verified by sending an e-mail request to the email address: apostilletraining@gmail.com. 

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1  . I will be courteous and respectful to my customers.

2  . I will not give legal advice unless I am an attorney.

3  . I will advise my customers of all delays.

4  . I will never alter documents given to me for processing.

5  . I will maintain the confidentiality of my customer’s documents.

6  . I will not engage in any illegal activity as an Apostille Agent.

7  . I will follow the proper apostille/certification authentication procedure for each state I service.

8  . I will not knowingly delay processing of my customer’s documents.

9  . I will endeavor to keep abreast of apostille processing changes.

10. I will endeavor to be the best Apostille Agent possible.

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Certified Apostille Agents with the symbol NP have provided us with their commission numbers and date of  expiration. This symbol indicates their authorization to notarize documents within their state of residence according to their state laws.