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Since many of you are auditory learners more so that visual, we have added audio files to the curriculum. These sound bytes should prove to be of special benefit to auditory learners. They should also serve to reinforce what everyone has covered in the training manual up to the point where you listened to the recording. Occassionally the recordings will have suplementary information that is not included in the training manual. You will not be tested on the supplementary information. It is provided to help you become a well-rounded Apostille Agent.

Please make sure that you have your sound on and speaker volume at a normal listening level. If you reached this page by following the instructions in your training manual, it should have opened in a new window on your computer. After listening to the recording, close this window then click the window where you opened your training manual to resume your studying. (If this page did not open in a new window, finish listening to the audio file then click the <Back> arrow in your browser to return to the Training Manual and follow this same procedure for all additional audio files.)
Click above to hear file.
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