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Learn now with us!
Learn now with us!
Training Notaries to Process Apostilles since 2010
Learn now with us!
Learn now with us!
Training Notaries since 2010
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Apostille Agent Training School

The Apostille Agent Training Company was founded in Orange County California in 2010. We established our school because we know there is a demand for apostille processing and hardly any place to learn how to correctly and proficiently process the various types of documents; some are simple to process, others are not. We also found that it is rare to find a successful legalization company that is willing to share its knowledge or point interested persons in the right direction. After much research and years of experience in handling personal, county, state, federal, international and court legalizations, we established an online school that is open to the public. Our goal, which we have reached, was to develop a "turn key" training system wherein the students could not only quickly learn and master the legalization processes, but also avoid making costly and embarassing mistakes via guessing or trial/error. Our system provides the training, tools and references necessary for a successful document legalization business. To the best of our knowledge, we are the very first company/school to offer training, certification, mentoring and for Apostille Agent candidates and graduates. We are truly the notary institute for apostille training. Our aim is to have our graduates become the very best in this field. Therefore,much attention is given to producing and maintaining a quality curriculum.  We realize that our graduates reflect the quality of what we teach and that they subsequently will either add to or subtracts from the reputation of our school. The certification granted to our students is earned, not just given.  Our school grants its coveted Certified Apostille Agent Seal (A registered service mark with the state of California) to all students who have successfully met all of our training requirements.   <CLICK HERE TO ORDER>

Certification Requirements

Our training program is presented by means of an electronic. interactive, training manual that may be accessed online at any time of the day or night. (Our curriculum can not be printed or copied.) There are six online quizzes throughout the manual to help ensure that you are mastering the material as you go along. Quizzes are timed and run from 6 to 12 minutes; results are immediately available upon completion. The quizzes also provide the opportunity to go back and review items that presented difficulties. Each quiz may be taken up to three times if desired but quizzes do not count towards your certification.

Effective with training version 7.012 we have added 3 FREE Zoom® supplemental training webinars for our students. These Zoom meetings are executed on a monthly basis for 3 months wherein each meeting covers a specific area of the legalization process.

Certification requires successfully passing two tests. Test A must be taken within 90 days after purchasing our training course and Test B within six months. Failure to adhere to these deadlines will require a reinstatement fee of $60 per reinstatement. Test A focuses on information retention. Test B focuses on the practical application of this information. With regular study, you can become certified within 4-10 weeks.

Graduates are awarded the Certified Apostille Agent Seal, Certified Apostille Agent Certificate of completion, and have their contact information placed free of charge on our website for a minimum of 1 year. Additionally, they are granted 2 months of free mentoring via text and email. Our current training fee is $298.00. <CLICK HERE TO ORDER>
All That You Need:
Effective 9/1/21, Notary Public Commission is Also Required


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